7 Screen Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Screens

The key to increasing the life of your screens lies in proper screen maintenance.  Maintaining your screens is simple and can save you a lot of money in the years to come.  Here are seven screen-saving tips that will keep your screens in proper working order.

1. Keep your tracks clear of dirt, debris, and standing water.  Wiping and vacuuming the tracks in the spring and fall should do the trick.
2. Wipe the frames down on both sides to keep them clean and corrosion-free.
3. Wash the screens twice per year with soapy water.  Make sure to dry the screens well before putting them back in the window.
4. Inspect the frame for cracks.  Cracked frames need to be replaced.
5. Inspect the screen material for tears, holes, or rust. Replace the screen if needed.
6. Make sure the screen itself is tight within the frame. Loose screens indicate a problem and rescreening may be necessary.

Inspect and clean your screens on a regular basis to increase their life and efficiency. Contact The Screen Guy today if any of your screens show signs of wear or damage.


Winterize Your Window Screens

How to Properly Clean and Store Your Window Screens During the Winter

As you prep your yard and house for winter, don’t forget your window screens!  Dust, debris, wind and rain have taken their toll on your screens, and by the time fall rolls around they're sure to be dirty.  Fortunately, cleaning and winterizing your window screens is a simple process.  Here’s how we do it!

First, carefully remove the window screens.  Place them on a flat, clean surface.  (We use the driveway.)   With a SOFT brush and mild soapy water clean both sides of the screens and the frame.  Rinse them thoroughly and allow to dry completely.

Once your screens are dry, you can put them back in the window if you choose to store your screens in the window all winter.  If you prefer to store your screens outside of the windows, then be sure to store them carefully.  Choose an area that you can store your screens either in an upright position or completely flat.  If you store them in a way where they are leaning unevenly, your frames can bend over the course of the winter.  Also, be sure that you do not store your screens against anything that will dent, tear, or nick your screens.

To make reinstalling them in the spring as easy as possible, cover your screens with a sheet or tarp so they don’t collect dust or dirt over the course of the winter.   As always, if you find any tears or bent screens, we can fix, repair or replace them for you.​

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